Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thanksgiving in Monterey

This past Thanksgiving we were able to go to Monterey California to visit my brother Miles and his beautiful family. We had so much fun in such a little time. We had fun with our first child that got car sick!  Brody felt so bad.  We think that he had to much for breakfast and then we had a nice long drive down the crazy mountain road.  Our kids loved being able to play with their cousins.  
We were able visit Mikes Mission and a highlight was his mission temple, the Oakland Temple. It is spectacular!!!

 These are pictures taken from the temple overlooking San Francisco! I am not going to lie seeing the big city scared me a lot! It kind of gave me a little anxiety. So many PEOPLE.

Well Oakland and the that whole area was so big. And we hit rush hour which took HOURS!

We made it to Monterey and enjoyed going to a look out to see the ocean with the family.

We went to Pfieffer Beach also known as Purple Beach, because the sand looks purple. I did not think it look purple but Camilla really thought it did. It might have been purple is one of her favorite colors and she just wanted to see the purple.
 Playing in the water.

 We had to get a picture in front of the beautiful ocean.

Surprisingly enough Camilla loved the water and Deklin did not.  I really thought it would have been the other way around...  But I am glad Camilla is getting over her fear of water.

Deklin did love just playing in the sand and finding anything in it.

 Everyone trying to dry off and warm up after playing in the water...

Just the beauty of the earth!!!

We had so much fun going and seeing family! It was great!!! We are so thankful for the new adventures we are making here in little Susanville, CA. 


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